Will deleting my Steam account also revoke gifts I’ve sent?

I have two Steam accounts one of which is a very old one that I don’t use anymore and I’d like to delete. Over the years I’ve gifted some games using this account. If I delete it, do the gifts I’ve sent get revoked?

Steam FAQ page says:

Account deletion is permanent. If you delete your Steam account: game
licenses, community profile, gifts, inventory items, wallet funds, and
other associated information will be deleted permanently and will not
be recoverable.

But I’m not sure if that refers to gifts I’ve received (which will be deleted of course) or gifts I’ve sent too.


I would expect that when you delete your account, ‘outgoing’ gifts are not lost except if there’s something else in the picture, like the payment for the gift was fraudulent.

From my understanding of how steam works, when you give a gift to someone, that someone gets the license, and is now unrelated to you. There might be a trace in the system that the payment came from you, but the license to the gifted, and not to the gifter with a clause of ‘gifted can use it’.

Would be like if Grandma gave you an iPhone, but she died so you have to give it back. No, the iPhone is yours even if the one who spent the money to buy it doesn’t exist anymore.

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