Will I be able to complete Inferno without a group?

It looks like Inferno is going to be pretty hard. (discussion about the inferno difficulty. It starts at 54:33 and lasts about 2 min)

My question is whether this difficulty is supposed to be feasible in solo, or will you absolutely need a group to solve it? If so, will it still be easier to do it as a group? I can imagine monsters with very strong resistances, so having a group can bring flexibility in your style of combat.


Yes, the game is designed around being a single player game with the added option of multiplayer.

That being said a coordinated team will do better due to being able to combine different classes together. This is from a video where Jay Wilson gives tips for inferno mode.

Update: First person to beat Diablo on Inferno did it solo, so it is definitely possible. source

Source : Link , Question Author : Benjamin Crouzier , Answer Author : Blem

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