Will I be able to play my Steam games when I move from Russia to Germany? If not, what can I do?

I will move to Germany this Tuesday and live there for one year. But I have bought all of my Steam games in Russia (where I currently live), and some of the copies are likely region-restricted. Will I be able to play them? If not, is it possible to “upgrade” the game to the full, not region-restricted version?

I tried to search for and words like “abroad”, “region”, but didn’t find anything.

I would prefer answers from other Russians who have been to Germany, but if you back your answer up with official answers from Valve, that is also OK.


According to Reddit you can get locked out, but you can contact Steam support to get your games back:

Hello fellow Russian.

I’ve moved to the EU several years years ago and had some games which
were locked-out. Here’s what I’ve done: I wrote to the steam support
and asked what can I do about it. I got asked the following scans: ID,
Address Card and a paid bill for this address. After this my locked
games became available to me.

Source : Link , Question Author : Baskakov_Dmitriy , Answer Author : dly

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