Will I lose all my data if I upgrade my hard drive?

I’m wanting to change my hard drive to a bigger one, but I’m unsure what will happen to all my saves and achievements.

The cloud isn’t big enough for all my saves and that so I’m wondering if I recover my gamertag will everything go to my new hard drive?


When you recover your gamertag, it will recover all of your achievements since those are bound to your gamertag. However, you will have to buy another storage device (such as a USB drive, see steps below), or a transfer cable to move all of your old saves/other data to the new hard drive.

USB device

  1. Copy all data such as saves to the USB device through the Xbox 360 system / data settings.
  2. Insert your new hard drive, connect your USB device, and copy your data/saves from the USB device to the new hard drive.

Source : Link , Question Author : Martin , Answer Author : ChrisF

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