Will other players see my Pokémon’s nickname if I put it into a gym?

Say that I nickname my Pokémon “Arqade” and place it in a gym. Will other players see that nickname? Or will they just see the default name for the Pokémon?

I’ve seen a picture of “Merica“, a Pigeotto that at one point held the gym at the White House, so I’m inclined to think yes. But at my local gyms, I’ve never seen a nicknamed Pokémon, which makes me wonder if only the original trainer sees it.


You cannot see other people’s Pokemon nicknames at gyms. The only reason you can see the nicknames in pictures is because it is their pokemon. As stated in the link below, the pokemon nickname can only be seen by you.

  1. Touch to create a personal nickname that can only be seen by you

enter image description here


Source : Link , Question Author : Thunderforge , Answer Author : Kevin Tian

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