Will sleeping with my son’s wife have a negative effect on our relationship?

I’m relatively new to Crusader Kings 2 and have started as the King of Munster. My first act was to find suitable wives for both myself and my Son and Heir. As my main aim was to expand the family as quickly as possible, I chose potential wives with positive fertility attributes. So I’ve ended up with a couple of lustful, hedonistic princesses. In other words, they like to fool around.

Anyway, I soon ended up with an event (which I admit I didn’t read thoroughly) which saw me having a bit of a late night tussle with my Son’s wife. She became my lover and a few weeks later she announced that she’s pregnant with my child and suddenly my Crusader Kings game starts to feel like a bad Jerry Springer episode!

My Son is none the wiser and thinks the Child is his. However, should I be worried that some time down the line he’s going to find out and our relations are going to suffer as a result? I’ve no idea what would happen to the line of succession if he did find out. Would the child move to become mine in the family tree?

I tried to Google the answer, which brought up some interesting sites but none relevant to Crusader Kings 2!


It’s worth noting that when the child is born your son will mistakenly believe it is his and act accordingly.

However there is a

  • ‘The husband suspects something ain’t right’
  • ‘On-action event: Pregnancy in matrimony, with another father!’
  • ‘The father’s wife is angered’ events.

So there is still plenty of ways this can go wrong and ruin your relationship with your son. If the child does become your bastard you can choose to legitimise him though. I would see how the new childs attributes compare to your own sons. Then work out which one to favour. You can always have someone locked up if necessary.

Source : Link , Question Author : DMK , Answer Author : Mavus

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