You have died from… ‘Bad Luck’… What actually killed me?

I have died from multiple opponents and near by explosions. Sometimes, these causes cannot be traced by the battlefield 3 system and, therefore, I get prompted ‘Bad Luck’.

Usually, I am okay with this as environmental causes that I cannot control in the battlefield – but is DICE killing me because they think I am cheating? DICE recently released information that they are cracking down on cheaters. I am grateful for their crackdown – as cheaters can ruin games – but I have heard through the grapevine that DICE will kill you if they ‘think’ you are cheating ( some automated system built into BF3 to autokill you if you go on a massive kill streak). Example:

I was flying a jet, which just randomly exploded: Bad Luck. This was after a good, legit air dominance. I confirmed with server admins that they did not kill me (with any server administrative tools). They told me that DICE will just do that once in a while.

Can anyone confirm that this exists in battlefield 3 or not?


For example, if you are killed by a secondary explosion — if you are standing next to a fuel truck that blows up — that is a Bad Luck death.

Similarly getting killed by unmanned moving vehicles (say the driver hopped out while the vehicle is in motion) or flying debris is also Bad Luck.

Source : Link , Question Author : Zero , Answer Author : Jeff Atwood

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